RESIN CART is specialised in the transformation and packaging of silicone coated and non-stick papers, which it prepares in either rolls or sheets of various sizes.

Equipped with technologically advanced paper cutters and rereeling machines and a warehouse always stocked with the most widely used special papers, the company distinguishes itself due to its high degree of production flexibility and personalized service. It is able to supply different solutions within short lead times so as to best meet the most specific processing needs.

RESIN CART offers a wide range of products and a scrupulous service of searching for particular types of paper upon its customers’ requests.

RESIN CART guarantees the quality of the products treated. This quality is the result of not only a careful selection of its domestic and international suppliers – all market leaders certified in their respective countries – but also from the implementation of strict processing control procedures and the work done by highly qualified personnel.

Lastly, thanks to its many years of experience in the market and its profound knowledge of the sectors of reference, RESIN CART can offer technical advice also regarding complementary materials to its papers, especially regarding self-adhesive glues and their methodologies of application.
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